Knot Event

  • By leveraging Knot Event, conference and exhibition organizers can streamline their operations, enhance attendee experiences, and drive greater engagement and satisfaction. The application provides a comprehensive suite of features that simplify event management, boost efficiency, and create memorable experiences for both organizers and attendees.

  • With Knot Event, you can revolutionize the way events are managed, ensuring seamless entry, fostering networking opportunities, and providing valuable insights for event success.

Partnership Opportunities

  • • Event Organizers: Collaborating with event organizers, conference centers, or trade show organizers can open up opportunities to promote Knot to event attendees. By providing Knot as a digital networking tool for participants, you can enhance the event experience and establish Knot as an essential tool for professional networking.

Knot Event

Key features of Knot Event include:

  • Registration Management: Easily create and customize registration forms, collect attendee information, and manage registrations in one centralized platform.

  • Check-in : Streamline the check-in process with efficient NFC & QR code scanning technology. Generate and send badges via whatsapp, ensuring quick and hassle-free entry for attendees.

  • Real-time Analytics: Gain valuable insights into attendance numbers, demographics, and engagement metrics through real-time analytics and reporting. Make data-driven decisions to optimize event planning and marketing strategies.

  • Networking and Lead Generation: Facilitate networking opportunities among attendees with built-in networking features. Enable attendees to connect, exchange contact information, and schedule meetings, fostering valuable business connections.

Application Roles

  • Creat Reciption Users
  • Creat Exhibitor Users
  • View all the Event visitors
  • View the exhibitor visitors
  • Live analytics for the event
  • Review Event form
  • Activate pre-registered users
  • Register new users
  • Activate users
  • Edit users
  • Access to the users list
  • Count visitors
  • Check in visitors
  • Check in users QR&NFC
  • Export the visitors list
  • Count the visitors

Fair Organizers and Exipitors Knot Event

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